The Buying Process

Lets go house hunting!  Fun for most yet scary for many.  Well it should be an awesome adventure in our opinion.  Before you jump in – especially if you are a first time buyer, take a minute and consider the following:

  1. Find out your Credit Score.
  2. Know how much you can afford.  Not sure?  Speak with a professional at your bank or a have your Realtor professional put you in touch with a Mortgage Broker.  No one wants to fall in love with a house they cannot purchase!
  3. What type of property do you need?  Single Family Residence? Town Home? Planned Community? Condominium?  All offer the basics – but it is good to research with your Realtor which will suit your needs the best.
  4. Do you want covenants or just be on your own?  Planned communities will most often require HOA fees and have a set of covenants which apply to the homeowners.
  5. Will this be a full time residence or perhaps a vacation property?  Are you interested in renting while not be used by you personally to help offset monthly costs?
  6. Do you have to sell your home first?  What is a contingency?
  7. What are my costs when making an offer on a property?  We all hear the term escrow, but also be prepared to pay for a Home Inspection, Pest Inspection perhaps even an HVAC Inspection.  Want a pool?  Do not forget about the Pool Inspection.